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Friday, May 24, 2019


Is PNCH a scam ???

Well… if you listen to the bashers… they would have you believe it is. But what do they offer in support of their positions and accusations?   Nothing… they simply ask you to believe them. Oh yes, they point to old issues, unrelated issues, distorted issues, opinions on other bashers unsupported opinions, etc, etc, etc. Their lame tactics are straight out of the Basher Handbook.  For those of you that have read the Basher Handbook, you will spot these tactics in a heartbeat. You may also remember our post about “Bashers… it’s a lousy job, but…”.

Let’s see if we can address some of the most common accusations of the bashers. But while you are reading through these items, remember to ask yourself… WHY? Why would a person hour after hour, day after day, month after month come on a message board and tell you what a scam the company is. Ask yourself this… if you thought this company was a scam, would YOU spend every waking hour of your day telling others about what a scam company this was??? Of course not. You may make a few posts if you felt strongly about it… but you would eventually move on and forget about the company. Are we to believe that the bashers are so committed to helping others that they spend every waking hour of their lives just so they can warn others about the company? Common sense should tell you that NO ONE is that committed to helping you avoid getting into a bad investment.

Low Trading Volume”. This is one that the bashers have been pounding on for the last few days. They point to the low volume in the last few days and say no one is interested in the stock. They completely ignore (or hope YOU will ignore) the average daily volume is over 7-million shares. Yes… that’s why they call it average DAILY volume. In fact, there have been days just last month that the volume has been over 50-million shares traded in one single day. Does that sound like no one is interested in the stock to you???

Toxic Financing”. The bashers LOVE this term because it instills fear in potential and uninformed investors. The bashers like to point to the CEO’s personal loan to the company, and the return on his investment if the stock does well as evidence of “toxic financing”. We think it’s a safe bet to say that EVERY person that ever started a business… loaned the company money from their own pocket to start the business. And personally we would have it no other way. What motivates a business person better than having skin in the game as they say. When your own money is on the line… you are VERY motivated to make the venture work. OK… yes, he will be rewarded handsomely if the business takes off and the stock price increases… and why not, he earned it. He took the risk and his is due the reward. The bashers like to point to the amount of money Steve will make on his investment into the company… well, does anyone criticize Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs for making billions from their investment??? Of course not… because when the CEO’s investment makes a ton of money… so do the investors. Will the investors make as much as the CEO? Probably not, but how much did they invest, who is doing the work building the company, who has more at risk, and who had the vision. For those that would condemn a CEO for making a lot of money… this is America, if you think its so easy… go do it yourself !

Also, the bashers cite the use of shares by the company to grow the business as toxic financing. Well, if the shares would be used to buy fancy cars and homes for the executives, then I would agree with the bashers. However, when a company utilizes shares to grow the company… this is NOT toxic to the company. For instance… the company used shares to purchase PunchTV. PunchTV has provided a significant amount of asset equity, as well as revenue to the company. The use of those shares improved the company, and increased shareholder value. That is a good thing, and can in no way be considered “toxic”. Here is what the CEO had to say (publically again) on the issue.

Reverse Split”. The CEO has publically stated, numerous times, that there will be NO reverse split. Its important to understand here the significance of a CEO making a public statement about his publically traded company. If a CEO were to mislead the public about aspects of the company that could have a financial impact on investors… he could go to jail !  Here is one of his public statements on the issue. Now… even IF he were to change his mind due to changing market or other conditions that may make it beneficial to do so… here is an article that states many companies have done reverse splits, and statics show that the reverse split actions has served to improve the company overall. Here is the quote from the article: “An equity strategist at Birinyi Associates studied the 14 stocks in the S&P 500 index that have reverse split since 2000. Of those, 12 were higher a year later. The average gain was 62.55%, CNBC reports.” So.. for 62% of companies that did a reverse split… the action was beneficial for the investors.

CEO filed for bankruptcy”.   The bashers point to this as evidence he doesn’t know how to run a business, and because of that you should stay away from his current business. Well tell that to Donald Trump… he filed for bankruptcy several times. I think he is doing OK… don’t you ?  Here is some other companies that have filed for bankruptcy, and many are going businesses today. The point here is that the filing of bankruptcy is a fairly common practice in business. AND… its legal to do so… AND in fact that’s why there is a bankruptcy law, in order to give companies (and individuals) a chance to reorganize and get back on track. In some respects its good that the CEO went through a previous bankruptcy because those that have not don’t know what its like to do so. Some would say its motivation to not have to do it again, (although it seems to be working well for Trump and others.)

CEO gets fined by the SEC”. Here is how the bashers tell half-truths… the part about the fine is true, HOWEVER… the witness lied in order to obtain that ruling, and the CEO was later vindicated, and awarded $215,000. in a civil trial of the lying witness as punitive damages.  See the documents here.  Also notice the dates… this took place back in 1989, some 24 years ago. This is right out of the Bashers Handbook… use old outdated information to construct a scenario in which you can exploit half-truths in current time in order to scare people into thinking it just happened recently. Wonder why the bashers didn’t post the link to the actual document like we did… obvious, isn’t it !

Programming on PunchTV is junk and no one can or does watch it”.   Do the bashers offer any proof of this, or offer any documentation to support this accusation… of course not. However, here is some documentation that proves PunchTV is watched, is real, and is adding value for viewers everyday. First, PunchTV broadcasts 24/7/365. The website is here.   Just look at the shows currently airing on the network. 70% of the content is original, not simply reruns of old shows as some networks do. Also… you can watch the broadcast live here.  The bashers say that the only people that can watch the broadcasts are those with rabbit ears. Well, if you clicked the link provided you can plainly see that ANY ONE can watch the broadcasts anytime, and anywhere, and you can even watch it on your Smartphone by downloading the app from the app store, either Andriod or Apple.   You can even see the programming schedule AND record the shows here.  Take note of the commercials airing within the programming… that’s PNCH revenue in the making. Every time an add airs… that’s revenue being generated. For those that have “cut the cord” (cancelled their cable service), PunchTV reaches over 50-million homes in the viewing areas listed here. Also… see a listing of the upcoming prime-time slate of shows for the 2014-2014 season here. The bashers like to use the term “rabbit ears” because it suggests old time technology. However the current day cord cutters are tech-savy and utilize their web service, and free wifi available almost anywhere nowadays to view the shows they like, when they like. Homeowners that have cut the cord have installed HD antennas on their homes and are now receiving High Definition signals from their local broadcast stations to receive excellent quality shows without the high cost of cable service.   Cord cutters of today are NOTHING like the old rabbit ears viewers of years ago. PunchTV is real, you can see that for yourself, and they are challenging the big broadcaster with their original programming.

PNCH is losing money and generates no revenue”.   Well, you don’t have to look too far to see this is simply not true. First, when you were watching PunchTV as a result of the links provided above… did you see ads running? That’s revenue being generated. Next, look at the latest financial filings of the company here.  Also, take a look at this revenue projection graphic here. It can be seen that the company’s future revenue picture is excellent based on past performance. Now they always tell you that past performance is not a guarantee for future performance… but in this case we think it represents the potential very well.

You are probably getting tired of reading at this point, and if you got this far you are obviously interested in learning the truth about the company… THANK YOU for that. However, if you have some more time and want to learn a little more about the place many interested investors end up in their search for company information… check this out.  This is our sister site’s main page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Toxic Hazard graphic. You will be directed to our page on what we call LieHub. There you will learn about what goes on over on that message board. The lies, the censorship, the deceit, etc. Then you can decide for yourself if you think any of the “information” the bashers post is worth reading, let alone making any investing decisions on.

Occasionally check back here, as we will likely address other such lies and distortions as listed above and add them to this article.